#12 Call for mail art, it narratives. Must RSVP by Wed, August 20 6:57 a.m. NY time.

ItNarratives_picWe commissioned artist David Horvitz to create a mail art call for Zanna Gilbert and Brian Droitcour’s exhibition “It Narratives: The Movement of Objects as Information” opening next month atFranklin Street Works. Here is the email he sent out this morning. You have until 6:57 am tomorrow to RSPV. Please distribute.

All my best,

Terri C Smith
Creative Director
Franklin Street Works

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From: 2009
Date: Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 4:00 AM
Subject: #12
To: hikarusaru@gmail.com

This is being sent at 6:57am EDT in Brooklyn, New York.

It is the morning.

I have been asked to create a mail-art call for an exhibition taking place September 6 to November 9 at Franklin Street Works in Stamford, Connecticut, USA. In the tradition of mail-art calls the call is open to anyone. All works must be submitted through the postal mail. All works will be hung in the gallery. Every artist’s name will be listed in the exhibition, and on the gallery’s web-site. A digital catalog will be made documenting all the received artworks.

All artists must RSVP by emailing info@franklinstreetworks.org.

You will be sent instructions on how and where to mail your art-works.

You must RSVP BEFORE 6:57am EDT on August 20, 2014, one day from when this email was sent.

This call is only open for one spinning of the Earth. You can forward and post this.

– thinking about information circulating and multiplying around the globe over the course of one day, like something growing….

– thinking about a postman delivering the day’s mail, with a stone in his pocket….

Today marks the anniversary of the death of French Postman Ferdinand Cheval, who died ninety years ago. Postman Cheval spent thirty-three years building the Palais idéal in Hauterives, France, out of pieces of limestone he carried in his pocket that he collected while delivering the town’s mail.

Envelopes and pockets.

The call is open to anything.

You can send rocks if you want.

Your RSVP must be received BEFORE 6:57am NY time tomorrow.

(Your work can arrive anytime before November 9. The idea is that works continuously arrive throughout the duration of the exhibition. An opening reception will occur on September 13, and a closing reception will happen later. A chronological artist list will be made indicating the time of each artist’s RSVP